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  • PC Clerk™ Medi Soft PC Clerk™ MEDISOFT is a complete inventory and accounting software specially designed for Medical Shops.
  • PC Clerk Account Full fledged online account system drastically reduce accounting works, automatic accounting for suppliers, customers, purchase and sale
  • Medi soft Billing Flexible and user friendly screen for fast and easy billing, capable of serving many customers at the same time. Automatic or manual multiple series billing for Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Veterinary etc.
  • Medi soft Charts Line Graphs and Bar Charts for easy analysis of sales, purchase and accounts status.
  • Medi soft Reports Reports are highly customizable, easy to make print outs, export compatibility with MS Office, Open Office etc.

PC Clerk™ Medi soft

Specially designed for Medical Shops

Winsoft solutions very proudly presenting this software, PC Clerk™ Medisoft, as a blend of our seventeen years experience in inventory and accounting software and the modern technology. Winsoft solutions will be always thankful to the Medical Distributors and Medicine retailers who sincerely stood behind, by providing their experience and advices, for the development of this software. PC Clerk™ Medisoft is a specially designed Inventory and Accounting software for Medical shops / Medical retailers. Pc Clerk’s Scientifically designed inventory monitoring modules make billing, stock tracking and ordering much easier and accurate than ever before, online account helps to reduce clerical errors and helps to make the account accurate and prompt. Help


  • Billing and Accounting Software
  • Versions available for Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Most advanced technology (like Virtual Linking Windows)
  • Easy to use
  • Options for item picking with Brand name or generic name
  • Multiple series billing (Automatic/Manual) for categories like (Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Veterinary etc.)
  • Flexible and attractive customizable user interface
  • Accurate Stock Monitoring
  • Full Fledged Accounting System
  • user level rights allocation
  • monitoring expired items and its claim
  • multiple options for order creation
  • task monitoring for security
  • report export compatibility with Ms-office, open office etc.
  • On-line Help

Modules & Features

  • In PC Clerk medi soft, inventory Item can be searched, at the time of billing, by Name /Generic name/Schedule/Item Type etc.
  • Different filtering options to avoid items flood in help list
  • Credit billing for regular/Special customers is possible with automatic on line account posting
  • Optional facility for seeing item wise and bill wise profit while making bill
  • PC Clerk medi soft has multiple series billing -Automatic/Manual- for categories like Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Veterinary, other inventory items etc.
  • Option for making separate bills for different types /schedules of items entered together in billing screen
  • Option for keeping doctors name, this helps to avoid repeated typing
  • PC Clerk medi soft has Bill standby Option - this helps to serve more than one customer together
  • Balance Calculator- helps to find the balance money to be returned
  • Option for take sales return and allow discount
  • Option for Consolidated Voucher for daily sales – this keeps the account more concise and clear
  • Specially designed data entry Screen- For quick data entry
  • Purchase quantity can enter in purchase unit or Sales unit
  • List of previous purchase prices and free quantities received – helps to compare inventory items purchase price and MRP with current prices, while entering inventory items in purchase invoice
  • Moveable purchase invoice columns- make the data entry correctness checking very easy
  • Suppler wise/Manufacture wise filtered inventory items list - for quick purchase entry
  • PC Clerk has online account posting with full details –help to reduce accounting job
  • Advance invoice tracking System of PC Clerk medi soft helps to locate purchase bill/bills of any inventory item or any supplier very quickly
  • Delivery Note Entry Option of PC Clerk medi soft helps to check items taken from supplier before billing
Special offers
  • PC Clerk medi soft has options to note offers and free quantity from manufactures with its validity period
  • Option to ensure receipts of frees from suppliers
  • Option to see the free quantity received with previous purchase from suppliers
  • Option to give frees and offers hints while making purchase orders
  • Bar charts and Line graphs
  • Period wise purchase
  • Period wise Sales
  • Joint graph of purchase and sales etc
Purchase Order Creation
  • Automatic/Manual purchase order creation – Computer create order based on reorder quantity or ratio between sales quantity of a given period and current stock
  • Hints and tools available for order creation – total sales of an inventory item in a given period, previous purchase rate, frees and offers given by different suppliers in previous purchase
  • Option for comparing purchase invoice with purchase order
Inventory Item Details
  • Brand Name, Generic Name, Rack, Schedule, Manufacturer, Division, Tax rate, Reorder Quantity, Profit margin etc.
  • Categories like Allopathy, Ayurvedic, Homoeopathy and Veterinary etc.
  • PC Clerk™ Medisoft has facility for keeping inventory items with its Schedule, Manufacturer, and Division details.
  • Stock and be kept with or without batch number and Expiry date
  • Users can customize font colouring of inventory items in help list based on its category.
  • Supplier /Manufacturer wise options for removing expired medicines or inventory items from stock
  • Separate stock for damaged/Expired medicines or inventory items
  • Supplier wise Claim list with price and purchase details- Helps to make claims very easily
  • Option for tracking pending claims/Replacement of damaged or expired medicines and other inventory items
  • Date wise/Period wise report of Damage/Expiry
  • Claim status
  • Pending Claims Details
  • Intelligently designed reports to understand the true status of business
  • Advance Search option with every report to trace particular data
  • Easy to make VAT reports for return filing
  • Options to customize the appearance, order and style of report
  • Options to colour the rows of reports to improve the readability
  • Report data can be drilled down up to the entry level
  • Compatible with MS-Office, Open-Office
  • Easy to convert into PDF, TEXT FILE formats
  • Item stock flow tracking – options to see the purchase quantity, sales quantity, return and damage /Expired quantity with full details in single screen
  • Item Stock and sales Statement - Period wise details (Opening stock – Purchase – Purchase Return- Sales- Sales Return- Damage- Closing stock)
Supplier linking
  • Supplier can be linked with Manufactures, Divisions and medicines or inventory items - Specify manufacturers or divisions or inventory items with which a particular supplier deals
  • Supplier linking helps purchase entry, order creation and to make claim statement of damage/expired medicines and other inventory items
Explore Product
  • Grouping of Products- Grouping of product based on Generic name, Category (Allopathy, Ayurvedic, and Veterinary etc), Types, Schedules and Manufacturer etc.
  • Multiple units of measurements Eg.(tab, Bottle, Strip etc.)
  • Product list colouring – Different colour can be assigned for products depending upon its type, schedule and Category
  • Virtual Linking Windows – Customers can call different windows, depending upon their needs, to the screen and can see the results together in all windows with one key stroke
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PC Clerk™ is suite of software products makes you effectively manage your business with ease and helps you to gain more control over your business.
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